Lisboa oriente map

Map of lisboa oriente. Lisboa oriente map (Portugal) to print and download. Find all information for free about map of lisboa oriente in Portugal. In lisbon oriente map, Sintra is a charming little Portuguese town that turns out to be the best day trip from Lisbon. This city is located in the heart of the hills of Serra de Sintra. By vertue of lisbon oriente map lisbon orient is connected to Sintra by two train lines. This mode of transportation is both convenient and inexpensive, making Sintra a very easy getaway when visiting Lisbon.

Map of lisboa oriente

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In map of lisbon oriente, the bridge of April 25 (or Ponte 25 aprril in Portuguese) connects the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, with the city of Almada, on the other side of the river Tejo, which also knows its small glory with the Cristo Rei. According to map of lisboa oriente This bridge is dual: road and rail since it allows not only cars to cross, but also the train which is located just below the road to Lisbon