Lisbon restaurants map

. Lisbon restaurants map (Portugal) to print and download. Find all information for free about in Portugal. in lisbon restaurants map, we quote FADO AO CARMO Most lisbon restaurants in Fado are extremely expensive and the food is excellent. The dishes are around 15-20 €, the desserts 5 €. in lisbon restaurants map, The fado starts from 21h, so it should preferably arrive around 20h-20h30! This alternates between 15-minute fado session and 20-minute intervals.
inmap of lisbon restaurants, we quote Solar dos Presuntos It is one of the most famous restaurants in Lisbon, frequented by a business and political clientele. It's a bit like Lisbon's Ferreira, but a little more typical since its cuisine specializes in dishes from the Minho region. According to map of lisbon restaurants Carlos recommends this restaurant at lunch time.