Lisbon airport terminal 1 map

Map of lisbon airport terminal 1. Lisbon airport terminal 1 map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon airport terminal 1 map (Portugal) to download. All incoming flights arrive at lisbon airport terminal 1 (as its shown in the map), irrespective of the airline. On arrival to Lisbon airport, the low-cost airlines taxi their planes to park in front of Terminal 2 and then passengers are taken by bus to lisbon airport terminal 1 to clear immigration and collect baggage. This is why there is such a long bus journey from the plane to the terminal 1 building when arriving at Lisbon airport.

Map of lisbon airport terminal 1

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Lisbon airport terminal 1 is the main hub of Lisbon airport map and has a connection to the metro (the recommended means of travel to the airport). Terminal 2 has no connection to the metro and is 1km to the west of terminal 1. There is a free shuttle bus connecting the lisbon airport terminals, which leaves from the outside the departures hall of Terminal 1 (GPS: 38.76889, -9.12945) and stops outside Terminal 2 (GPS 38.76358, -9.13759).
The route between the lisbon airport terminals follows the exterior perimeter fence and is totally unsuitable to walk. If arriving from the metro station: Enter the main lisbon airport terminal 1 building, turn left and walk up the stairs/escalator, which will leads to the departures hall (as its shown in the map). From lisbon airport terminal 1, simply exit the hall via the main doors and the bus stop is clearly signed on the right.