Lisbon zoo map

Map of lisbon zoo. Lisbon zoo map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon zoo map (Portugal) to download. Lisbon zoo reserved for the protection and preservation of animal species, endangered or with a particularity in Lisbon. It is a magical moment that we spend in this zoo dedicated to the discovery of animals in Lisbon map. It also teaches how much it is necessary to safeguard this biological order, both for the planet and for the survival of humanity.
Lisbon zoo brings over 2000 animals across 350 species. The zoo of lisbon represents one of the largest zoological collections in the world. Created in 1884 in Lisbon map, it hosts many species from all continents. You can watch in lisbon zoo a show of dolphins or sea lions, admire the big cats or elephants of Africa and Asia. Not to mention chimpanzees, gorillas or even bears.