Lisbon city centre map

Map of lisbon portugal city centre. Lisbon city centre map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon city centre map (Portugal) to download. Baixa is the most central and renowned neighbourhood in Lisbon city centre map. It was completely rebuilt by the Marquis of Pombal after the earthquake that destroyed part of lisbon in the eighteenth century. The district of lisbon city centre has large classical avenues flanked by houses covered in tiles, in typical Lisbon style. Baixa is packed with stores and restaurants and is always busy during the day.

Map of lisbon portugal city centre

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Chiado is an elegant and bohemian neighborhood in Lisbon city centre, between Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina as its shown in the map of lisbon city centre map. It is frequently compared to Paris’ Montmartre district, rebuilt after it was destroyed by a fire in 1998. The most famous streets are Rua do Carmo, which houses the ruins of a church by the same name and Rua Garrett, in the centre of Chiado. The square of lisbon city centre and its surrounding streets are full of famous cafés, theatres and museums.
Park of the Nations (Parque das Nações) is a neighbourhood in Lisbon city centre map constructed for the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition. It is a modern area, full of life and open spaces. This is a space dedicated to leisure, and located in the northeastern part of lisbon city centre. It is accessible by crossing the Vasco da Gama Bridge or by taking any means of transportation that stops in Gare do Oriente (Lisbon East Railway station), situated in this parish.