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Map of lisbon map offline. Lisbon map offline (Portugal) to print. Lisbon map offline (Portugal) to download. Avenida da Liberdade is a beautiful avenue of lisbon map offline, just over a kilometre (0,62 miles) long as its shown in lisbon offline map. It is the stateliest avenue in Lisbon, with nineteenth-century buildings and pavements covered in mosaics which form pleasant black and white patterns. It is full of cafes with covered terraces, monuments and gardens.

Map of lisbon map offline

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In the Alfama neighborhood, you will find Rua da Adiça (lisbon map offline). This street is one of the most authentic examples of the Lisbon soul and it is lifestyle. You will see the typical Alfama buildings, its fountains, its inhabitants, the different generations who have lived there forever. Walking the street you will see the laundry hanging on lisbon balconies and from one façade to another, and it will make you want to write poems. Walking Rua da Adiça is the opportunity to be right in the middle of the daily life of the lisbon inhabitants.
Next to Restauradores Square is Rossio Square (Plaça do Rossio) as its shown in the lisbon map offline, otherwise called Pedro IV Square, which dates back to the thirteenth century. Nowadays, it is the liveliest square in lisbon map offline, where locals and visitors meet up. In Baixa, you will find a curious tourist attraction which is also a useful means of transportation in lisbon called the Santa Justa Lift (Elevador de Santa Justa).