Map of lisbon coast

Map of lisbon coast. Map of lisbon coast (Portugal) to print. Map of lisbon coast (Portugal) to download. As its shown in the map of lisbon coast there are many beautiful beaches along the Estoril Coast (the stretch of coastline from Lisbon in the east to Cascais in the west). All these beaches of lisbon coast are accessible at low prices by train and as the departures are regular, this makes for great opportunities to spend days outside Lisbon.
Situated at the mouth of the River Tagus where it meets the Ocean (see the map of lisbon coast), Lisbon is a city with a strong connection to the sea, and is the only European capital with Atlantic beaches. It is essential, therefore, to take a walk along the lisbon coast or spend a few days on the beach. With more than two dozen Blue Flag beaches to choose from, the coast has excellent conditions for water sports and attracts surfers and bodyboarders from around the world, with all levels of experience. The experts say that the best waves in Europe are in lisbon, with a great diversity of types of wave and beach or rock breaks.
Guincho Beach is a wild expanse of sand and rocks on the coast between Sintra and Cascais as its shown in the map of lisbon coast, just at the foot of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park hills. Fans of James Bond films may recognise it from On Her Majestys Secret Service(1969), where 007 rescues a drowning woman. Since then, thanks to restrictive lisbon national park regulations, most of the 800 metres (2600 feet) of this lisbon beach have been left undeveloped despite its popularity.