Lisboa metro map

Map metro lisboa. Lisboa metro map (Portugal) to print. Lisboa metro map (Portugal) to download. Lisboa metro is a great choice for getting around lisbon map, as it is usually the quickest option to reach your destination. Lisboa metro is a popular choice among locals and visitors all hours of the day and night. Entrances are marked with a large “M,” and the stations themselves are air-conditioned, clean and known for their modern art displays. Lisboa metro is a good way to get to the centre from the surrounding neighbourhoods.
The Lisboa metro is the fastest option for travelling long distances. Lisboa metro is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest metros in Europe. The inauguration of the lisboa metro took place in 1959 with the route between Sete Rios and Entrecampos (as its shown in the map). The most important extension of the metro took place in 1988, when the company was nationalized.
The Lisboa metro is a network of four lines; each one is designated by a colour to make life easier for passengers: depending on your journey in lisboa, you will take the Blue, Green, Red or Yellow line. The Green line connects Cascais to the train station and to the tourist objectives located in the city centre as its shown in the map of lisboa metro. The Red line connects the airport and Expo Park to the other lines. The other two metro lines, the Yellow and Blue, are both the oldest and least used by tourists - they follow the course of the main avenues in the north and northwest of lisboa.