Lisbon old city map

Map of lisbon old city. Lisbon old city map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon old city map (Portugal) to download. Lisbon old city is one of the oldest cities in western Europe map. After the old city was settled by the Celts, Lisbon was then founded by the Phoenicians. They established a settlement called Ulissipo, which was then conquered by the Greeks and Carthaginians. In 205 BC, the Romans won the Second Punic War against the Carthaginians and occupied the city, calling it Olissipo. Ancient Lisbon was integrated into the Roman province of Lusitania, but when the Roman Empire collapsed, it was invaded by Germanic tribes and was controlled by the Kingdom of the Suebi until 585.

Map of lisbon old city

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The valley in which the heart of Lisbon old city now lies was, in prehistoric times, the bed of a forked branch of the Tagus River. (The subway now forks at the same spot.) No evidence has been uncovered to show who were the first residents on the hills surrounding the valley of the old Lisbon city map. Although it seems likely that the city was founded about 1200 BCE as a trading station by the far-ranging Phoenicians, there is no unassailable proof of the story. The old city name, Olisipo (Ulyssipo), may be derived from the Phoenician alis ubbo (“delightful little port”) or from the legend that the Lisbon founder was Odysseus.