Lisbon tram 15 map

Tram 15 lisbon map. Lisbon tram 15 map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon tram 15 map (Portugal) to download. In La Baixa, you can take the lisbon tram 15 which goes from Praça da Figueira to Algiers and is a good way to get to Belém (as its shown in the lisbon tram 15 map). Moreover, tram 15 runs along the river, which makes the trip even more interesting in lisbon. But this one is a modern and faster tramway. Tram 15 offers an easy way to reach the Belem neighborhood from downtown lisbon map. You can start your trip either at Figueira Square or Comercio Square (and get off by Jeronimos Monastery).
Tram 15 is the other tramway most used by tourists in lisbon for a very simple reason: it leads to Belém. Tram 15 is not romantic but it is useful, modern and always crowded. Inside tram 15, you are constantly told to be very careful with pickpockets. So be careful. The first lisbon station of tram 15 is the big station "Cais de Sodré", close to the Place du Commerce as its shown in lisbon map.
Unlike the historic tram 28 that runs through Lisbon steep hills (as you can see in the map of lisbon), tram 15 (aka 15E where “E” stands for “Eléctrico”, the Portuguese word for tram) runs on a flat area of lisbon from Praça da Figueira in the Baixa neighbourhood to Belém and onwards to Algés outside the city limits. Usually on a modern, fast tram, the ride can occasionally be on the vintage cable car. Tram 15 (or 15E) departs from Praça da Figueira, the square next to the Rossio, with stops in Terreiro do Paço (aka Praça do Comércio) and Cais do Sodré on its way to Belém. Take the tram 15 headed to Algés (Jardim), which runs regularly (every 10-15 minutes).