Lisbon tram map

Lisboa tram map. Lisbon tram map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon tram map (Portugal) to download. Lisbon has nearly 60 trams (also called streetcars or trollies) rolling along five different routes throughout lisbon tram map. Locals and visitors take the lisbon tram every day, and they can often be crowded during peak times. It is easy to spot the tram stops around lisbon, as they are marked by a small yellow (paragem) sign hanging from lamp posts.
Lisbon trams are not only one of the most useful means of transport for getting around lisbon map, but also one of the most important tourist attractions in Lisbon. The network has five routes and 58 trams, of which 40 are traditional trams. The traditional trams are small, historic and why not say it, very aesthetic to immortalize them in pictures.
Tramways (see the lisbon tram map) are the ideal mode of transport for discovering some of the most interesting places of Lisbon historical and architectural heritage or simply for strolling around the city. There are several fares for the tram: €1.25 if you use the Viva Viagem card, €2.85 (3?) for a ticket bought on board and a single journey, or €6 for unlimited journeys throughout the day. The Electrico (tram 28), as it is called in Lisbon, is the most widely used means of transport.
There are two very different types of trams as its shown in lisbon tram map: there are the historic "Remodelado" trams and the modern "Articulado" trams manufactured by Siemens. The Remodelado are the picturesque yellow trams that can be heard screeching through the narrow streets of Lisbon. The most spectacular lisbon tram line is the 28E, as it runs through the Alfama district. The ride on this line is a highly recommended tourist activity.