Tram 28 lisbon map

28 tram lisbon map. Tram 28 lisbon map (Portugal) to print. Tram 28 lisbon map (Portugal) to download. A tramway not to be missed: the lisbon tram 28, which crosses the most historically interesting districts of lisbon map (Bairro Alto, Alfama, Graça). An unforgettable ride. Beware, the lisbon tram 28 does not loop, you have to take it in the other direction (at the terminus or before). Dont trust the timetables indicated at the stops of the tram 28 either, they are only indicative and rarely respected. Often taken by storm, even out of season.
Among the 5 tram lines in service in lisbon tram map, a colour code differentiates the tourist service, red, and the public service, yellow. Tram 28 crosses historic places, from Graça to Alfama through Baixa and Bairro Alto to Campo Ourique. With the tram 28 you will cross the Old Town and pass close to many monuments, panoramas, churches and other lisbon places of interest.
Many of lisbon trams are vintage streetcars, and considered a fun tourist activity, especially the famous “nostalgic” tram 28. The tram 28 is popular among visitors, this wooden yellow tram is a must for visitors who wish to relax and admire lisbon sights, as tram 28 runs through a number of picturesque neighborhoods along lisbon narrow, twisting streets. Tram 28 connects the famous São Jorge Castle and Bairro Alto, a ride that is about 6 miles. It passes through several areas of lisbon map, including Alfama, Baixa, Chiado, and others.
The tram 28 of lisbon passes by the Basilica and the Garden da Estrela, and then continues its journey through a beautiful traditional residential area, Campo de Ourique, before heading towards Plaza Largo dos Prazeres. The colour yellow is part of the brand image of the trams and the tram 28 is the best known in lisbon, as it is mentioned in all the tourist guides map. But there is also a version in red of the tram 28, which is historical, more comfortable and makes a guided tour so that you dont miss any of the details of the journey in lisbon.