Lisbon points of interest map

Lisbon places of interest map. Lisbon points of interest map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon points of interest map (Portugal) to download. The Castelo de São Jorge castle stands majestically above central lisbon points of interest and was entwined in the early history of Portugal map. It was here that the Christian crusaders defeated the Moors in 1147, the Portuguese survived a siege by Castile (1373) and was the seat of power for Portugal for over 400 years. This rich and extensive lisbon points of interest is captured within the castle, from the formidable fortifications, the defensive viewpoints or the tranquil gardens of the royal quarters.

Lisbon places of interest map

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The Elevador de Santa Justa is an industrial age lift and lisbon best points of interest, which transports passengers up one of steepest hills in central Lisbon. The lift was constructed in an era when artistic detail and flare were incorporated into the magnificent machines that powered the age. Within the iron structure are gothic arches and geometric patterns, while the cabins are lined with polished wood and control by brass dials.