Lisbon yellow bus tour map

Yellow bus tour lisbon map. Lisbon yellow bus tour map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon yellow bus tour map (Portugal) to download. Enjoy the atmosphere of Lisbon, Porto, Funchal, Braga and Coimbra from a different and original perspective with lisbon yellow bus tour. Yellow bus operate in the Hop on Hop off regime with tickets valid for 24 or 48 hours, which can also be used in the lisbon public transport network. We have special prices for children. Get to know historical Lisbon map through our Tagus Tour, or get on the Olisipo Tour and visit the museums and the modern district of EXPO 98. In Porto, Porto Vintage allows you to know: Porto Antigo, Porto das Pontes, Porto dos Castelos.

Yellow bus tour lisbon map

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Said to be built on 7 hills, Lisbon is an amphitheatre that looks down onto the Tagus, the river it has always depended on. There is history oozing out of lisbon that you can discover with the yellow bus tour as lisbon romantic avenues, old Moorish quarters, Roman underpinnings and Manueline, Baroque and Gothic monuments, off-set by some of the boldest modern buildings by local and international architects. With yellow bus tour map you can see lisbon as a cosmopolitan center of commerce that will appeal to your senses and to your gourmet instincts. It is a palette of colors where the sun shines the whole year round this.
Lisbon yellow bus official sightseeing tours, Carristur tourism brand, is the main open-top bus tour operator in Portugal, with a presence in five of the country most beautiful cities: Lisbon, Oporto, Funchal, Coimbra and Braga. Cities as emblematic as these have an obligation to welcome visitors with open arms and excellent service as the yellow bus tour. Aware of this, we have a modern fleet of vehicles so that your experience of lisbon map can be as comfortable as possible. But we also provide the more exclusive and unique as well, such as the red tram we run in Lisbon.