Lisbon transit map

Map of lisbon transit. Lisbon transit map (Portugal) to print. Lisbon transit map (Portugal) to download. The metro in lisbon transit map is clean, safe and relatively modern. The machines are easy to use, their instructions are displayed in several languages; you will find instructions in English, Spanish or Portuguese. The subway ticket to lisbon will be loaded on a Viva Viagem card that you will pay 0.50 euros on your first purchase. The metro is the fastest means of transit in lisbon.

Map of lisbon transit

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Lisbon transit system consists of metro, trams, funiculars, buses, commuter trains and ferries. Taxis complement the offer. It is fairly simple to use and generally safe. The one thing that some travellers find confusing with lisbon transit map is the Viva Viagem card. But once you get the hang of it, it is surprisingly easy to use and journeys are quite affordable in lisbon.